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Before setting off on a journey, it is common practice for RV owners to inspect the tires and make sure they have sufficient pressure. If your RV's tires are deflated or inflated, driving on the road might be quite risky. While keeping a check on RV maintenance, adjusting the tire pressure is one of the most crucial parts. That's why you need a professional company to have your back on this issue. All RV is committed to helping you on this job. Our trained technicians will help you keep your RV in good condition so that you may drive it anywhere, anytime.

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Tire pressure is checked by the technician.

Learn about The Tire Pressure: What Affects & Why?

Tire pressure monitoring is simple in most modern vehicles. The tire's recommended PSI is used to determine the correct inflation pressure. However, when talking about recreational vehicles, there are additional details to think about.

  • Pressure and load: The maximum possible weight for an RV depends on its type and construction, as well as its inside contents. The necessary pressures will be displayed on a plaque in your RV. This estimate applies to a totally void recreational vehicle, not one with stuffed camping essentials. To receive an exact weight, you can stop by a weighing station.
  • Count the axles: As the number of axles increases, the pressure limits become more flexible. However, you must maintain equal tire pressure on a single axle. It's important for stability and keeping the pressure constant at each place along the axle. Tires will wear out faster and you'll have more trouble controlling the vehicle if the load is distributed unevenly.

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