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Fiberglass Painting Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

There are lots of different surfaces on every RV. Some are plastic, some are metal, and some are fiberglass. But all of them need attention to regain their original luster after sustaining damage or enduring neglect. For customers in Dallas-Fort Worth seeking to recapture the desired look of their custom RV, the painting professionals from All RV Custom Coach & Collision offer fiberglass painting services to repair the scratches, scrapes, and dents that mar the look of your vehicle.

All RV’s Proven Fiberglass Painting Process in DFW

All RV Fiberglass Painting Services

To get the best possible finish on painted fiberglass, you need to follow the right steps throughout the painting process. For the seasoned pros at All RV Custom Coach & Collision understand this, and will make sure to follow this time-tested approach while restoring your damaged RV to its original condition:

  • Clean the fiberglass using dish soap.
  • Abrade the fiberglass to promote adhesion by sanding it with a palm sander.
  • Wipe down the fiberglass with a tack cloth.
  • Cover any areas of the fiberglass you do not want to be painted with painter's tape & cover large areas below or adjacent to the fiberglass with drop cloths.
  • Apply a very light coat of primer to the fiberglass. We spray in intermittent mists to promote a professional-looking finish that is free of runs, drips, and sagging.
  • Allow the primer to dry & cure for 4 hours, then apply a coat of acrylic spray paint in the same way you applied the primer.

Let All RV Custom Coach & Collision Handle Your Fiberglass Painting in DFW

When the fiberglass parts of your RV are damaged or in disrepair, you need to bring them back to mint condition to maximize the look of your vehicle. Our painting professionals from All RV Custom Coach & Collision have the experience, equipment, and expertise to make that happen. To learn more about our RV body repair services, RV maintenance services & RV painting services, contact us online or give us a call at 817-663-8183.