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Gel Coat Painting Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Gel coat is a high-grade, two-part, liquid polyester resin. It is designed to create an opaque surface which will completely block the show-through of glass patterns. It is a common material used in RVs, and the experts from All RV Custom Coach & Collision can apply it where it is needed or paint it to match the surrounding area.

Typically, gel-coat is not a finishing coat. Instead, it is painted onto molds & plugs and remains tacky after it cures. Resin and glass generally are applied on top of the gel coat, allowing it to form the hard, smooth, shiny surface of the finished article. More often than not, gel coats are used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fiber-reinforced composite.

For customers in Dallas-Fort Worth, we make sure your gel coat layer is smooth, functional, and attractive. Our proven painters also handle fiberglass paintingcustom painting, and much more!

All RV True Gel Coat Painting Services

All RV Custom Coach & Collision Can Paint Your Gel Coat in DFW

As long as your gel coat is in good condition, with no major cracking, the professionals from All RV Custom Coach & Collision should be able to paint over the top of it to freshen up your custom look. When we paint over gel-coat surfaces, we will:

  • Clean & Prepare the Surface
  • Apply an Epoxy Primer
  • Sand the Primer
  • Remove the Sanding Residue
  • Apply the Topcoat

Count on All RV Custom Coach & Collision for Your True Gel Coat Painting Needs in DFW

When you need to upgrade a gel coat surface on your RV, the company to call is All RV Custom Coach & Collision. Our painting professionals can apply the gel coat, followed by a finishing top coat of paint. To learn more about our RV painting services, RV body repair services, or RV maintenance services, contact us online or give us a call at 817-663-8183.