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Custom Painting Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Everyone loves to put his or her personal touch on a custom RV. Whether it comes from an RV decal, some eye-catching detail work or unique color of paint, it is a look you want to protect from the unwanted scrapes, scratches, and dents of day-to-day driving.

Alas, vehicles are not immune from contact and blemishes. Those will arise on your prized RV and require a fresh coat of paint. When you want to make that a custom coat of paint, complete with unique designs, you need to contact the painting professionals from All RV Custom Coach & Collision. For years, we have been the go-to source for RV services in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area, handling everything from minor repairs to major overhauls and custom paint jobs!

5 Types of Custom Painting Jobs for RVs in Dallas-Fort Worth

All RV Custom Painting Services

1. Metallic: A metallic finish is achieved by mixing a small amount of metal powder into the all-over pigment.

2. Pearlescent: Unlike metallic finishes, pearlescent paint gives your vehicle a colored shine. Custom painting experts mix a transparent coloring agent into the pearl base to give your car an even glimmer.

3. Matte: The clear coat contains dimples and divots that deflect light, giving your car a smooth and satiny appearance. This custom paint job is often chosen for luxury vehicles.

4. Color-Changing Paint:  Also known as chameleon paint, this paint job changes in color depending on the viewing angle and light source. It requires a three-stage painting process.

5. Flame Paint: To achieve this design, we stencil in or hand-draw a flame over the top of a thin, even base coat. The flame is then colored in with different shades to add dimension.

Rely on All RV for Your Custom Paint Jobs in DFW

When you are ready to step up to a custom paint job for your RV or simply want to freshen up your existing look, All RV Custom Coach & Collision has the painters and products to exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life. Our painting professionals can handle a wide array of custom designs and colors. To learn more about our RV custom painting services, RV body repair services, or RV maintenance services, contact us online or give us a call at 817-663-8183.