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Heating Repair for RVs in Dallas-Fort Worth

For an RV owner, the need for repairs can surface in far more areas than with a typical vehicle. In addition to keeping the engine of your RV in top running order, you need to make sure the sleeping area is comfortable during overnight stops. That involves the HVAC system.

With an RV, heating repairs involve dealing with a forced-air RV furnace. In such a system, when the thermostat is set higher than the temperature of the RV, he blower motor is activated and the heater is switched on. Propane gas burns to create hot air and this air is then circulated through ducts throughout the system. Electricity is needed to turn on the system and run the fans.

Most systems feature 12-volt blowers that draw up 10 amps to provide maximum airflow and BTUs as high as 40,000. These units will provide & maintain even heat throughout your RV.

To keep your heating system running properly, or to repair it when it is not, the technicians from All RV Custom Coach & Collision have the equipment, experience & expertise to handle any issue for RV owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

All RV Custom Coach & Collision Handles All Aspects of RV Heating Repairs

Repairing the heating system or AC system of your RV can be a challenging and complicated process. The heating system is unique because it must work in tandem with a functioning vehicle, and it contains a wide variety of parts. The experience heating technicians at All RV Custom Coach & Collision can fix RV furnace-related issues that impact the following areas:

Heating Repairs by All RV
  • RV furnace
  • RV blower
  • Furnace blower motor
  • Furnace access door
  • Furnace combustion wheel
  • Furnace hose
  • Furnace hose clamp
  • Igniter electrode
  • Heating/cooling register
  • Floor register with damper
  • Duct covers
  • Insect screens

And much, much more!

Trust All RV Custom Coach & Collision for Heating Repairs on Your RV in DFW

When the heating unit malfunctions on your RV, you have a major problem that requires your immediate attention. The certified experts from All RV Custom Coach & Collision can help with heating repairs. Our crews understand all the ins and outs of your RV’s furnace/heating unit. When you need our help, contact us online or give us a call at 817-663-8183.