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Roof Sealant Repair & Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth

Over years of touring and cruising, your RV roof sealant will start to wear off. The top layer of protective coating breaks down, leaving your roof more susceptible to leaks and UV damage. You would not want rainwater dripping inside your RV while you are on a road trip with family and friends. 

Fortunately, All RV Custom Coach & Collision is an RV expert with more than a decade of roof repairing experience. We offer extensive RV roof sealant repairs or replacements for the best protection against roof leaks in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Frisco, and throughout our DFW service area. Get in touch with us today! Call 817-663-8183

Roof Leaks & Damages in Arlington & Plano

Avoiding Roof Leaks & Damages in Arlington & Plano

Your roof sealant might fade away slowly with ages of driving through harsh weather conditions, making your RV vulnerable to UV damage and leaks. Fortunately, All RV Custom Coach & Collision is here to take all your worries away!

Our RV professionals are fitted with state-of-the-art tools and sealants specifically for RVs. We provide you with intensive roof repair that shows promising results when put to test against rain. Restore your old roof sealant and maintain the health of your RV with All RV Custom Coach & Collision.

Roof Sealant Replacement in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Frisco

Roof Sealant Replacement in Dallas, Fort Worth, & Frisco

If your roof sealant is damaged, it is time to consider a replacement. Our RV specialists take the utmost care in properly replacing roof sealant for your RV in the cities we serve throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our process involves:

  • Removing rooftop objects like the A/C, vents, etc.
  • Removing the old rubber membrane and sub-roof sheeting from the roof.
  • Placing a new rubber membrane and sheeting that goes under the rubber. 
  • Reinstalling the rooftop objects. 
  • Applying sealant to all of the seams and joints accordingly.

Allow All RV Custom Coach & Collision to 

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